About Us

TWO80FIVE stands as a lifestyle brand deeply rooted in Atlanta, offering thoughtfully curated closets and exclusive collections that pay tribute to the city's essence. We encompass the very fabric of the culture, serving as a comprehensive destination where fashion meets accessibility. Within our realm, we cater to those who embrace the city's vibrant energy and possess an innate sense of style. Our swag, centered around essential unisex designs, exudes a relaxed vibe, while our messaging remains straightforward, bold, and influenced by the world of hip-hop. As a brand that echoes the voices of fashion pioneers like F.U.B.U and Cross Colours, our creations embody the exclusivity of our origins. From timeless wardrobe staples to custom revolving pieces, distinctive footwear, and complementary accessories, our tailored collections are a must-have for Atlanta natives and style-savvy enthusiasts alike. Our versatile basics seamlessly blend with your existing wardrobe, offering endless possibilities for mixing and matching. As a black-owned and female-operated powerhouse, TWO80FIVE is driven by a purposeful mission: to provide a nostalgic haven for fashion, art, music, and collaboration, all while upholding the principles of influence and legacy.